After Several Massive Losses, Dem Support For SCOTUS Is Lower Than Ever: POLL

The vast majority of Democrats are unhappy with the Supreme Court’s work, according to a newly-published nationwide poll in the wake of unfavorable Supreme Court decisions.

A “record-low” 13% of self-described Democrats said they approved of the Supreme Court’s handling of its job, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. The results come after the court overturned Roe v. Wade, limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate power plants, and invalidated New York concealed carry laws.

The Supreme Court saw its overall approval rating sink from 43% to 40% since the same poll last year, according to the poll. Republicans showed 74% support for the nation’s highest court, reportedly falling short of their historic record.

Supreme Court satisfaction among independents registered at 40%, roughly in between partisan totals. (RELATED: Sen. Blumenthal Claims SCOTUS Has Agenda To Ban Contraception)

In a July Rasmussen and Heartland Institute poll, 64% of Democratic respondents said they would somewhat or strongly support legally raising the 9-judge body’s membership to 13. Republicans strongly opposed this idea at the same rate.

Moreover, 33% of Democrats strongly supported democratically electing justices, while one-fifth said they would somewhat support that change, according to the Rasmussen-Heartland survey.

Over two-thirds of Democrats at least somewhat agreed that the Supreme Court is a “fundamentally sexist institution that favors men over women,” while more than half expressed some belief that it is “fundamentally racist.” Less than 45% of all respondents somewhat or strongly agreed with either assertion.

Gallup surveyed more than 1,000 adults over the phone from July 5 to 26 and used 4% margin of error.

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