Picture of Michelle Obama surfaces and explains everything

The Obamas aren’t done pulling strings from the shadows. But their troubled history is back to haunt them.

And this picture of Michelle Obama has surfaced, explaining everything.

Barack Obama was sold to Democrat voters as a man of integrity who could unify the country under the banner of “changing” for the better.

Millions upon millions of Americans fell for the idea that he would be a scandal-free, unifier in the White House. In reality, he ended up being one of the most anti-American Presidents of all time and his tenure in the White House was scandal-ridden.

One of the criticisms he’s faced since leaving office in January of 2017 has been his connection to dark political money.

The web of connections between Barack Obama and Leftist billionaires like George Soros who seek to completely flip America upside down are endless.

Those connections are back in the news and indicate how the Obamas might still have strong connections to the White House to this day, despite being out for the last six years.

News outlets are reporting that Joe Biden will be attending an elitist fundraising event with a Leftist billionaire by the name of George Logothetis later this month.

The Daily Mail reports:

Biden will head uptown for a fundraising dinner at the Upper East Side home of George Logothetis, 48, a Greek shipping magnate who also previously hosted the Obamas for a similar dinner in 2015.

George Logothetis is just 48 years old and is a Greek businessman involved in the shipping business. What connections Biden to Logothetis is the fact that Logothetis was a major fundraiser for the Obamas years ago.

The Obamas are apparently pretty close with Logothetis as pictures have resurfaced that show Michelle Obama enjoying one of the elitist millionaire events with Logothetis back in 2016.

Michelle Obama Image

Logothetis has recently been appointed to the board of one of Obama’s organizations called “My Brother’s Keeper” that was set up to approach the “challenges” America faces from “institutional racism,” whatever that means.

That’s not all though. Joe Biden will be meeting with another one of Barack Obama’s ties for another fundraising event this month.

At the home of billionaire Leftist elitist Hamilton James, Joe Biden will be attending a fundraising event that will cost attendees $25,000 to go.

James previously helped Barack Obama with fundraising during his time in the D.C. spotlight, and has helped Biden raise millions of dollars before.

During Biden’s 2020 election, James raised another $2 million for the campaign, according to OpenSecrets.

Joe Biden’s carrying on the legacy of connections to dark political money that Barack Obama had during his eight years in office.

Not only that, but it shows just how close the Obama’s influences are to the White House still to this day after years of being out of the White House.

It makes you wonder if Barack and Michelle Obama are just playing pupeteer from behind the curtains.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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