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A second Trump term in office almost feels inevitable. He’s preparing like he has it all in the bag.

And now Trump has sent a startling warning to all of his enemies.

Appearing on a radio show hosted by Hugh Hewitt this week, Donald Trump wanted to set the record straight about the reality of what’s going on with the China and Taiwan relations.

He said that if he was President, the Chinese threats of invading Taiwan would not be happening and also promised that should he get a second term, he will handle China way better than Joe Biden has.

“You don’t have to worry about Taiwan. If I’m president, Taiwan will never happen, meaning China will never go into Taiwan if I’m president, not even a chance,” Trump said to Hugh Hewitt in the hour-long interview.

He said that there is “zero chance” that China would ever consider invading Taiwan during a Trump administration in the White House. He added that the goal is to avoid a nuclear confrontation with the likes of China and Russia.

“They will not do it. Zero chance,” Trump continued on. “There are other things you can do without going into a nuclear holocaust. There are other things you can do. China will never go into Taiwan.”

Then, Trump whacked sitting President Joe Biden for being weak in relations with China, which Trump believes is inviting China to get away with whatever they want, including threatening to invade Taiwan.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of China. We have a lot of things on China where they can’t do anything if you had a president that was even modestly capable,” Trump claimed. “He’s so weak on China. He’s so afraid of China,” Trump added.

Donald Trump also lamented the state of the war between Russia and Ukraine right now, also claiming that if he was President, there wouldn’t have been the gross bloodshed that everyone has been seeing in that region for the past year and a half.

“He was never going into Ukraine with me, ever,” Trump claimed. “I knew it was the apple of Putin’s eye. He would have never done it if the election weren’t rigged, our election. It was rigged and stolen. If that election wasn’t rigged, if I were president, you would right now have millions of people living that are dead.”

He called the amount of lives lost due to the war “staggering” and said that there would be millions of people alive right now if not for how weak Joe Biden is on Russia and China.

“Staggering. If I were president, you would right now have millions of people living that are dead.”

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but there’s no doubt that he’s probably had the most success in maintaining peace with foreign threats and preventing wars than any other President in modern American history.

He worked tirelessly to get America out of Afghanistan, only to have Joe Biden completely fumble the bag when the time came for it to finally happen.

He avoided getting into pointless regime-change wars. He completely neutralized the ISIS threat in the middle east. These are all facts that his haters can’t get around.

Trump also knows he’s the front-runner to win again in 2024. So he’s sending a warning to the likes of China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Putin reminding them that what they’ve been getting away with during the tenure of the Biden administration is not going to fly during a second Trump term.

Donald Trump still represents the political anti-establishment and that’s precisely why the political class is working so hard to keep him from winning the White House come November 2024.

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